Sunset at Pakaya volcano

6 10 2010

One of my favourite’s shots. I love the silhouettes of the people and the tones of the sky during the sunset. We were going back after visiting the volcano but I turned around to have a look at the sunset and I took this picture 🙂


Marito playing the guitar

6 10 2010

He is a true celebrity in San José, Costa Rica, but he’s more than that, you can find him everyday “playing” his guitar in the main avenue of the city it doesn’t matter  whether it rains or is too hot, he’s always there 🙂

I asked him before taking this shot and I love his expression, he’s telling you without speaking about all the bad things he has seen in life.

Good Luck Marito!


6 10 2010

I think I’m not the only one who is perplexed at the moon at full moon on a clear night away from the city. I remember stared at the stars and be there for 2 or 3 minutes and the element that stood out above them all was the moon, I just wanted to keep a good memory of that night and that moment of peace.

Sunset at Granada, Nicaragua

6 10 2010

This is a HDR image(High Dinamic Range). The photo is the result of three shots with different exposure. I like to use this technique eventually cause it shows the perfect tones of the image.

Mix it with a sunset and it really increase the beauty of your shot after the post processing 🙂


11 04 2010

A walk with on a clear day in autumn in London after weeks of heavy rain the weather gave us a break the weekend we went to visit it. I love the autmn picture of Hyde Park with the yellow as the main color of the landscape.

As easy as turn around and take a photo 🙂 Remember that if you don’t find something to photograph why don’t you try turning around, looking up, looking down, looking far… there’s always a good photo in every place, you just have to look for it 😉

To Diana’s Memorial

11 04 2010

Not much to say about this photo, I took it cause of the symbolism of the sad story of a princess in the 20th century in England.

Dawn at Monterrico, Guatemala

11 04 2010

Sometimes it is really hard to take a good shot… I mean 5 am up just to see the dawn over the river of Monterrico in a really tiny boat led by a man with only the help of a stick. I became difficult at we went out till late the night before so I should be grateful to have the necessary strength to take the picture 🙂